Since 1913, Kleinpeter has been an iconic brand for Baton Rouge and beyond.

It all started with a desire to provide families with fresh, wholesome, great tasting milk.

Today the Kleinpeter name means the same as it did over 100 years ago. Our desire is to run a good business, take care of our community by being engaged and giving back where there is need, and to bring people together at the family table. We're proud to provide much-needed nourishment to children, the elderly, families, and our entire community. The heart in our logo is there for a reason. There are certainly easier ways to make a living, but none as rewarding as caring for others by working, giving, and loving our neighbors -from the heart.

100% Guarantee

Our Freshness Guarantee

“Our delicious, wholesome milk is 100% Guaranteed Fresh or we’ll replace it immediately, free of charge.”
Since 1913, the good people of Kleinpeter Dairy have been providing the highest quality dairy products to our customers in South Louisiana. And after all we’ve been through together, we’re stronger, safer, and better than ever. We recently invested more than a million dollars in updated equipment. We’ve adopted new technology and have added personnel with specific expertise for faster, more efficient operations. And most importantly, we’ve earned the coveted Safe Quality Food Certification, which means you can enjoy local, wholesome, delicious Kleinpeter products 100 percent Guaranteed Fresh- everyday. Kleinpeter Dairy. Taste the Goodness.

Kleinpeter Values

Doing the right thing, telling the truth, and living consistently with myself and others.

Intentionally limiting risk and harm to myself and others.

Curious minds ask, “Is there a better way?”

Working and playing together for the good of all.

Thinking and doing for others because they have value.

Consistently performing best practices to the best of my ability.

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